Why Choose Birch Care?

We have been working with people with disabilities for years and have the expertise and training that makes us the best in the industry. Our vast team of skilled professionals has a combined experience of 15 years. They have the ability to recognise the social and personal needs of people with disabilities. Our support workers have been rated highly by satisfied families for offering exceptional service within their NDIS plan. We abide by the following values that allow us to handle our clients with utmost care.


Patience and kindness


Compassion and responsiveness


Effective communication and skill-building ability


Complete accountability and safety


Commitment to community involvement


Developing abilities and improving sociability


Dedication to creating a wholesome living experience

Birch Care understands that every individual is unique and has different priorities.

We are happy to be a part of their journey and aid in accomplishing their life goals by jumping all the hurdles together.

Daily Personal Activities

Our dedicated domestic assistance makes it easy for the participants to live a healthy and hygienic life. We cook, clean, educate, & offer social support to extend a holistic living experience.

Group-Based Activities

Involvement plays a significant role in the overall development of an individual, and it has been found to have worked wonders for people with disabilities.

Supported Independent Living

Our experienced staff will work with individuals, their families, or guardians to determine what they require in a home, and will assist clients in obtaining & maintaining stable housing.

Travel and Transportation

Disability transport aids in independent living. The participant can enhance their mobility and travel with ease and comfort to nearby locations for work or social engagements.

We offer a variety of support services that make a positive impact on the life of people with disabilities.


We create tailored programs for our participants after discussing their needs with their family and loved ones. Our qualified and trained professionals are skilled in working with people diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, Downs Syndrome, dementia, brain injury, etc. We are adept at offering in-home care and have a warm and friendly approach that helps us to connect with the families instantly. From providing companionship to people with disabilities to developing engaging and fun day programs, we extend a wide range of services. Our assistance enables disability inclusion so that our clients can experience the good things in life.


We aim to provide a holistic environment through our disability support so that they can live their life to the fullest. Our staff have combined 15 years of experience and has helped them realise their life goals with exceptional assistance. We motivate and inspire our clients to overcome their insecurities and become a part of the community to live an enriched life which is filled with friends, fun, and activities. We design and develop our caregiving methods according to the needs and age of the individual to create a service that matches with their aspirations and their family’s desires.


We have a team of dedicated disability support workers who are understanding and considerate of the needs of the people with disabilities. Thus, they make sure that all their activities are directed at improving the lives of the people they are assisting. They pay attention to the instructions and feedback of the family members to enhance the service and cater to their needs in the best possible manner. Their patience and kindness are the values that have made us a trusted disability support worker in the industry. We find support workers who fit right into your household with their love and care.

Partnering With

Combined Experience

Smiles Created

Life Goals Achieved

Community Engagements